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Learn Tajweed Online

Many people want to find a comprehensive tajweed training course, something that teaches them how to read Quranic Arabic with a perfect Arabic accent- and doesn’t take years to achieve.
What if you’re told that such a training course exists? A training resource so efficient that many people all over the world have got rid of their native accents and achieved their dream of “Quran reading correctly“ with a much, much better accent.
Tajweed helps you to improve your holy Quran recitation skills and you will be able to read it like a pro (Qari).
We are providing a step-by-step course that will teach you every single thing you need to know to recite like a Qari. This is a live one-on-one classes based course with we are professional Quran teachers, who teach people from all over the world.
Students will be exposed to a range of Formal / Classic standard Arabic pronunciation/ accents, and they will be engaged in considerable error identification, analysis and correction in speech,
By getting registered in online Tajweed classes you can learn how to read the holy quran with tajweed. There are 3 types of course available:


First level of Tajweed courses online is for those students who want to know how to recite / read the holy Quran, they will learn to pronounce letters correctly, and also will learn other basic attributes of letters e,i. Nasal sounds, idgham, qalb, maddahs and types of madds, etc.


Second level of online Tajweed courses is consists of improvement of your recitation skills by applying the Tajweed rules you’ve already learned in first level of online Tajweed courses, characteristics of the letters that differentiate them, avoiding the (sinful) mistakes, like making longer sound where you’ve to make a short vowel sound, etc.


This is the final level of online Tajweed courses, in this level you’ll learn the rules of Waqf (rules about stopping at the end of the verse of in the middle), you’ll also revise what you’ve learnt in first and second level and implement it while reciting the Quran, some exception of rules you’ve learnt, and reading the holy Quran with Tarteel (in very slow motion), etc.

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