Kanzul Eman Fi Tarjamatil Quran

//Kanzul Eman Fi Tarjamatil Quran

Kanzul Eman Fi Tarjamatil Quran

As we all are aware that last three decades are full of chaos and disturbances for Muslim world. Muslims were put to the test by the Dominance of foreign elements and demise of intellectual activities.

Turmoil’s arising out of Ibn-e-Temia, Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab Najdi, Qadiyani, Naturi & Diobandees were overthrown by the intellectuals of Ahl-e-Sunnah.

While talking about the renowned personalities who fought against contentious issues and defended Muslims all over the world, we can’t forget the work of Late Abdul Mustafa Mufti Muhammad Amin Qadri Hanafi (www.khatmenabuwat.com) would be dedicated to publicize His extensive work and all twenty volumes of “AQEEDAE KHATMUN NUBUWAH” would be accessible. It would also help in removing any doubts about the pionership of Ahl-e-Sunnah for this blessed END OF NABUWWAH movement.

It was the desire of Hawk of END OF NABUWWAH belief Abdul Mustafa Mufti Muhammad Amin Qadri Hanafi that He could perform this work at the standards of KANZUL IMAN (Faith Treasure); which is the Urdu translation of Holy Quran by IMAM-E-AHLESUNNAH MAULANA AHMED RAZA KHAN BARELVI Barkati.

TRUE QURAN is an organization which is maintaining the website (www.truequran.com). It would provide various subjects in the content of different aspects of Holy Quran and multi-language translations of Quran specially setting the Kanzul Iman as benchmark.

We are very pleased to present that work of in the form of translation of Holy Quran by MAULANA AHMED RAZA KHAN BARELVI BARKATI would complete 100 Years in 1430 HIJRI. In this context, ‘TRUE QURAN’ would highlight and enforce the significance of KANZUL IMAN through (www.kanzuleman.com) to the people from all walks of life.

Although all admirers of ALAHAZRAT are performing their jobs with due efforts and no one could ever be able to pay tribute up to par. However, we humbly urge all devotees to provide us there valuable suggestions and any type of authentic written, audio, visuals or digitalized material regarding Kanzul Iman to celebrate the “100 YEARS OF KANZUL IMAN” with great enthusiasm and fervor.

We pray from ALMIGHTY ALLAH that your efforts don’t go in vain and you get the results in the both world.

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